Wedding at Commenda di San Calogero

14 Aprile 2022

Wedding at Commenda di San Calogero

Zack & Richy

Photographer : Andrea Pitti  Venue: Commenda di San Calogero Planning:  Italian wedding Event 

This wedding in Commenda di San Calogero was like a dream that comes true! It was my first time as wedding photographer in Sicily and I was impressed by the beauty of this land.

Just imagine the smell of summertime in Sicily, the colors explosion of bouganville on the walls. Then add the typical mood of the Southern Italy countryside. I’m happy to share with you Richy and Zack’s wedding in Commenda di San Calogero.

They have planned every details with love, from an emotional ceremony in late afternoon in the cornfield circle and Richy’s sister as the celebrantfilled to a stunning dinner under the stars.

Beside every lovely detail they were surrounded by the most important thing ever, the love of their families and friends from all over the world.